With border restrictions around the world easing the re-start of travel globally has already begun, but travelling in the midst of a pandemic comes with challenges and travellers may be more anxious when it comes to heading out again. There are now a lot more aspects to travel that need to be considered before travelling: ensuring you meet airline documentation & requirements; ensuring you meet specific country &/or state documentation and requirements; sorting our visas, passports, vaccine certificates, medical clearance and more!

Gilpin Corporate Travel’s expert consultants are here to help, to provide guidance with the ever- changing world of travel and the help you travel with confidence.

Before travelling it is important to check what your Travel Insurance covers in terms of COVID-19 (as many policies no longer cover COVID expenses) and check what the cancelation policies are for your flights and accommodation. Many airlines have increased the overall flexibility of their fares, but will not allow flights to be held in credit if you cannot travel due to COVID-19.

Below are some useful resources & FAQs to help in preparation for your travel.

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